Demo 2016

by Life As One

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Drake- drums


released March 8, 2016

Tape layout: Chris Mollet
Artwork: Chris X
Recorded by: James Hammontree



all rights reserved


Life As One Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Intro/United of The World
Brother and sister
Why are we fighting
We must stand together
Kick each other in the head
Whenever we get the chance
No ones listening
Time and time again

Weight of the world
Is calling your name
Used and abused
We're going insane

Blood runs deep
Deeper than hatred
Open your eyes
It's time to see
Sinking fast
Drowning in despair
Fight the powers that be
Track Name: Hard Stance
Never learned, Never had a chance
Somethings missing,Take a hard stance
I'm on the run, Beast on my back
So much pressure
I think I'm gonna crack

Black eyed, Bruised fucking body
This is how I cope, This is my vice
Don't stand in my way
I won't tell you twice
Trial by fire
We learn together
United we stand
Loaded guns for hire

Never see through my eyes
Take a hard stance
We're on the outside
Give us a chance
This how we play
Don't get it twisted
The kids are here to stay
Track Name: The Real Criminals
ignorance is bliss
Knowledge must be gained
Racist world leaders
solutions must be obtained
refuse to become another victim
We should be ashamed
Blood for oil, you got your applause
Seems to me that your the cause
I don't care why
It needs to stop
It needs to stop
It needs to stop

It seems you will never learn
Grab a gun, time to go
Now it's your turn
Home of the slave, land of the fee
Uncle scam is playing you
Can't you see

They're tricking us
I hate this game
Equality for all
We're all the fucking same

Now it's time
To open our eyes
Look around
Time to make a change

Home of the slave, land of the fee
Uncle scam is playing us
Can't you see
Track Name: Get Wise
An ignorant mind
Left without sense
Hide behind your crew
It's time we get rid of you
I ain't gonna take it
Stupid mother fucker
Violence in the making

get wise
I don't fuckin care
Get wise
Cold hard stare
Get wise
Fists In the air


This is my home
I won't accept it
You fuckin tourist
Hatred infested
Put your views in the trash
With the rest of your crew
High time you started walking
Spotlights on you